The Entrance with the statue of "Barbaro" out front

In the fall of1988 I happened to be in Louisville for a week alone staying at the Peabody Hotel. Bored one morning I asked a Bellman what he thought I should do for fun. He suggested I  to go to Church Hill Downs and bet on the Horse Races.  

I had never been to a track before and didn't know how to bet. the man told me to look for a short man at the gate named Willie and buy a racing form and a "cheat sheet". I did just that and Willie told me to bet the horses on the sheet.

I had 86.00 with me and started to place a few small bets. I met some Louisville folks in line and made a bunch of new friends. We all hung out together all day! After 9 hours I decided to go back to my hotel. We had a blast! some of those folks are still with me on Facebook! I won just over 200.00 all in all, I didn't get rich but I made a tidy profit.

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