The Adventures Of Duane & BrandO FINAL SHOW!

So how does Retro: Kimmer end up at Duane and BrandO's final show held at the very cool resale shop Replay Entertainment Exchange in East Lansing? My daughter (really wanted to go) is how I ended up at this show. I decided that if I had to drive all the way up there I might as well work! I didn't think it would have much to do with Retro... but how wrong I was! Everywhere I looked was Retro fab stuff!

This duo rap fun lyrics over retro video game music. Being an old time video gamer I knew most of the songs. The kids just love these guys! Sadly the duo have parted ways and will no longer collaborate together. I met them both and have no doubt they will both be using their talents to create more fun music in the future. They were both absolutely charming and I loved meeting them.

BrandO and my daughter Lesley Photo: Alex Sing

Lesley's friend Alex came for the Adventure and luckily she is a very talented photographer. She grabbed some shots I missed. Thank you so much Alex!



You Rock! :)

Anonymous said...

The name of that D&B-fan would be John :)

Joshua Lowery said...

It was an awesome show and even though I couldn't teach Brando to jump over mail boxes and climb a building with me. It still rocked.

Dee Gilbert said...

Very Cool! Your daughter is so pretty Kim! Have a great week!

Duane Zuwala said...

"Thanks, I had a blast. Thanks for the write up!"

Alphonso Mann said...

Omg I heard these guys Megaman 2 song and have been a fan since!!

Michael Abi Daoud said...

"All I have to say is this -- This was seen to the very end. Albeit bitter but the end result: The fans that were there witnessed the last ever show. Period. For me (for someone already having a crappy day today) the people there were privileged to witness the end of an era. I would of loved being there in person. The only thing I can say is to everyone to just... accept it as it is. The both of them are going their own ways and doing what is best for both of them.

It doesn't matter why it happened or why no one is or will talk about it. It has come to pass and that's how it is. No matter what side you support in the end, just respect both in that regard and move on.

I personally look forward in seeing what is over the horizon. "

BIG RICH said...

COOL stuff, I like that crazee red hair too!

Scott Wilson said...

"Yes....I ended up playing taxi driver for my daughter half the night, wish i would have joined you."

Rick Ruiner said...

"I <3 you Kim! Always great to see ya when you can come, but missing you when you can't! Hi to Lesley! xo"

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John said...

Had a blast.
It was a 5 1/2 hr drive for me. I followed DNB for almost two years, could not miss the opportunity.
NES games were setup, classic and new games everywhere with comic books and other games.
I saw a Sega Genesis in the box.
And women.. I was not bored and also gamed NES advantage contra.
I believe 3 other bands played besides DNB. Jason Alarm and 200X are the ones I remembered most.
I got a pic of me and Brando and kept the fliers.
Was real upset about the band break up until I learned DNB reunited oct 2012 for next projects.

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