Kenny Seymour, Clarence Collins, Tracy Lord, Nat Rogers, Sam Strain,
Ernest Wright, Jr., Little Anthony

Little Anthony & the Imperials enjoyed one of the longest career runs of any doo wop group, adapting their honey-smooth style to fit the sweet uptown soul sound of the mid-'60s. Right from the beginning,

Little Anthony's aching way with a ballad was the group's calling card, but their repertoire was balanced by more R&B-inflected dance tunes. Little Anthony was born Jerome Anthony Gourdine in 1940, and grew up in Brooklyn's Fort Greene projects. While in high school, he sang in a doo wop group called the Duponts, who recorded a single called "Prove It Now" in 1957.

They disbanded after graduation, however, and Gourdine joined another group called the Chesters, which had been formed by his friend Clarence Collins (baritone) and also featured longtime friend Ernest Wright, Jr. (tenor); the other members were Tracy Lord (tenor) and Nat Rogers (bass). After a one-off single for Apollo, they landed a record deal with the End label in 1958, at which point their name was changed to the Imperials. ("Little Anthony" was later tagged onto the beginning by DJ Alan Freed.)

Here is my personal favorite and I think we have all been in the same situation.


Michael B said...

Michael wrote:
"Yo Kimmer!,
Sorry GF bout takin up so much space on yer wall with my Nugent rant! I am just passionate bout some stuff,Anyway, BACK TO THE MUSIC!
I am gettin my education on! looking, reading, And thought provoking, Your work..
Simply Outstanding Young Lady!
I'm also gettin CircusCreemZappedRollinStoneThompsonBangs. Tracers and Flashbacks!!! Haaang Ooon!.
Music Magic Gonzo Journalism Is Alive And Rockin Here,,So Refreshing to trip over something I didnt notice before and feel I discovered a secret portal to Real Rock N Roll Living Again.It seems just like the Blues is best done by someone whose lived the blues themselves and hurt so bad.
Killer Rock Journalism is best done by someone with a rebel stoked fire in their hearts and the beat of Dangah! Dangah!in their pens and come from a City that's trembling and panting and ripped!... Yea! Great Great Stuff Kim!! .. Sexy sensibilities are back!!for a change, So street true and original...Rock the Casbah Michigan Woman!!
I thank you on behalf of myself and millions of my friends So Glad I found Yer Site...

Cheryl Sinclair said...

This song was a backdrop at an 8th grade party fro two people who were "breaking up". We were so melodramatic at a young age! it is a great song.

Jean Morgan Compton said...

Is this from the Ed Sullivan Show? Looks like it could be...great song, classic! Duh, just noticed the credits! lol

Geri Rubello Gillespie said...

"i loved him!!

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