Good morning! Hope everyone had a blast for Christmas! I sure had a relaxing time this year. I received Keith Richards' new autobiography "Life" for Christmas. Framed a bunch of my rock posters/prints of DKT/MC5, Niagara, and Marijke Koger-Dunham's lovely work. I'll photograph them for another story. So cool. I am dumping all my old paintings that are so boring now. I want to look around my house and see HAPPY stuff!

Framed this poster and as it is so long, the scan is weird but you get the idea... it is over 3.5 feet long... kind of looks like this image but better of course. A lovely gift from Dennis Thompson

Keith Richard's book is great! I really like it so far. I am about half way through the over 500 page book. It is an interesting read for sure. I really didn't know much about the inner workings of the Stones. All I ever really knew were the tabloid headlines of Mick Jagger's antics with women and Keith Richard's many issues with drugs and the law. Charlie Watts and Bill Wyman keep a low profile (smart!)

The book goes into big detail on how Keith came up with the riffs and Mick the lyrics. I have learned so much about music, guitars and drums this past year so I actually understand what Keith is talking about a bit when it comes to open tuning etc.

Keith to me has always been the musical genius behind the Stones for me. But I never really knew that Mick was such a great lyricist! WOW. Anyway I won't give out anymore spoilers. Back in high school in the 70's I have to say I was a die hard Beatles freak. The Stones not so much. Then I met Mary Macek. Mary is the daughter of an Army Colonel and as my dad was an Army Major we sort of found each other. Mary and I were the only two Army brats in Ypsilanti at that time.

Naturally we had lots in common. At least we both knew Army kids did NOT live in a barracks and eat C Rations.... you'll never believe how many kids asked me if we did. Mary's folks had a big old German style home in town and I always stayed there as it was closer to the action than my house. We did all the stupid girl stuff you read about. Don't worry Mary I am not going into that area!! I drive with my daughter by Mary's old house every now and then and I always point at the upper left bedroom window and tell my kid, "Hey that's where I spent my whole teenage life in that room!"

 Hanging out the window sneaking ciggies and dancing around the bedroom. Or laying on the bed staring out the window hoping some boys might cruise by. Typical teen age girl stuff. Kinda :) Mary LOVED the Stones... She had a tons of their records and we played them over and over. You might say I was Stoned by Mary! Every time I hear classic Stones I have a Macek flashback of some sort... We had such a blast together, more fun than any two girls should have been allowed to have! Well we both survived, still having
laughs together.


Here is the main song that reminds me of Mary. Mary used to always change the lyrics on songs which never failed to throw me into hysterical laughter. What a comedian she is. "Have you seen your mother baby, standing in the shadows, (waiting with my mom to bust us)

The first time I heard a Stones tune it was in my cousin's backyard. She had her 45 record player plugged in outside and she had just gotten "Get Off My Cloud" which we were doing the cool dance that went with that song. Hey hey.. you you.. Get Offa My Cloud! I believe that song kick-started our teenage rebellion more than any other.

 It was our cry to our parents to let us run wild... Nothing was the same after that song came out. Actually I can only think of one Stones' song that I don't like, ANGIE!!! ugh, I hated that song from the very first time I heard it. My idea of purgatory would be being forced to listen to Angie over and over for eternity! My Stones Top 5 What are yours? Paint it Black Brown Sugar Out of Time Happy Under My Thumb The Rolling Stones... THE ROCK BAND from London, England formed in April 1962 by guitarist and harmonica player Brian Jones, pianist Ian Stewart, vocalist Mick Jagger, guitarist Keith Richards, Bassist Bill Wyman and KILLER drummer Charlie Watts completed the early lineup.

The Stones were Blues and Early Soul Music freaks. They were totally immersed with the Blues Cats such as Muddy Waters who wrote "Rollin' Stone", Detroit's John Lee Hooker, Little Richard, Chuck Berry, all the American legends. The Stones turned America kids back onto American Blues.

My favorite Blues Blog is The Blues Blogger we naturally ran into each other as we are both huge music fans and have similar taste. Give him a read, he is a fantastic classic music reviewer. Rumor has it that The Blues Blogger is someone big in the music industry... he's not telling I tried to get it out of him! LOL Read More on RK The Death of Brian Jones Retro Kimmer's Music History Hullabaloo and Shindig


Lesslee said...

Beautiful Kim, Hope you and your daughter had a wonderful Christmas. L

ET said...

Great post. As a Stones fan of many years, enjoyed the pix and stories. First saw them in Denver in '72 and haven't missed a tour since, including European and South American dates. I enjoyed "Life," as well, but agree with one of the reviews, to wit: "The Stones have endured drug busts, deaths, divorce, financial challenges and so on. But can they survive this book?"

Mary Macek said...

I don't know how I missed this...thank you, I loved it!

Lori Seth said...

WOW! I need to look around more! This is 3 years old! Still, I am loving it! Great job as usual Kim :)
Life is a bit rocky at the moment but when and if it settles , I will be back to snoop more. I totally missed this ! I read Life. I was in awe:) I think I have told you but will say again, when I finished the book, I felt as if I had lost a friend. I am hoping that more memories come to mind and he does another. Will be right on it when Jagger's book comes out Oct 2013. I can just imagine the negative he will launch against Keith. Won't matter to me. I like Jagger but feel he is quite obsessed with himself , very self righteous. Keith on the other hand is true to himself and to others. Almost honest to a fault. I won't sway me to think other wise. Keith is my main man and he is the glue that holds the Stone's together. Ive no doubt, Jagger's only did the book in reaction to Richards. We all know Jagger's womanizing, let's see how honest he is about that . Will be a great comparison. Thank you for sending me this link! You Rock! ♥

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