This song still gets me even to this day. A lot of artists have covered this classic but my favorite covers are the original by Little Anthony and the Imperials and Linda Ronstadt's version. I think that Little Anthony and Linda Ronstadt both have such a haunting plea to their voice on this song. It is an addictive song and one that never tires for me. This song very aptly covers how a person feels after a romantic break up perfectly.

Little Anthony and the Imperials were one of the finest vocal groups to emerge from the talent-rich New York scene. Moreover, they enjoyed unusual longevity for an act of that type, having hits in both the doo-wop Fifties and the soul-music Sixties.

They outlasted their peers by virtue of “Little Anthony” Gourdine’s powerful, beseeching vocals and the consummate professionalism of the Imperials, who mastered a broad range of material and knew how to work a stage. They were inducted by Smokey Robinson to the Rock Hall of Fame in 2009.

Hurt's So Bad
Teddy Randazzo, Bobby Hart, Bobby WildingTogether with Kenny Rankin, Bobby Hart and Tommy Boyce, Randazzo and Weinstein they have written many classic songs. Their "Goin' Out Of My Head" alone has sold more than 100 million records by over 400 artists, and ranks in the top 50 of the most recorded songs in the history of records.

I know you
Don't know what I'm going through
Standing here looking at you
Well let me tell you that it hurts so bad
It makes me feel so sad
It makes me hurt so bad
To see you again
Like needles and pins people say
You've been making out OK
She's in love don't stand in her way
But let me tell you that it hurts so bad
It makes me feel so bad
It's gonna hurt so bad if you walk away
Why don't you stay and let me make it up to you
Stay I'll do anything you want me to
You loved me before please love me again
I can't let you go back to him
Please don't go please don't go
It hurts so bad it hurts so bad it hurts so bad
I'm begging you please please don't go please don't go
[Fades Away]

Ronstadt scored A Top 10 hit with "Hurt So Bad". She was also nominated for yet another Grammy award in the Best Rock Vocal Performance Female category in 1980. Now 30 years since its release, the Mad Love album has never been out of print.

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Ded Led Zombee said...

I just love your work;I just re-purchased Mad Love but wish I still had it on vinyl

cheryl sinclair said...

"I went to a party in 8th grade and someone turned on this song as background music for their "break-up"!"

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