Our friend in Paris... Eric Pouille lead singer for The Holy Curse just sent us the press kit for THC's new cd. We have 2 samples tunes that I am going to give away free for 1 week only.... So grab them while you can! We just love Eric and had such a gas hanging out with him in December of 2009.

Died Ugly

Johnny's Day

Two years after the release of critically acclaimed Feed the Dogs, recorded both in Sydney (w/ Deniz Tek) and Detroit @ Jim Diamond's legendary studio Ghetto Recorders, Turborock proudly presents The Holy Curse's new album : Take It as It Comes, produced by Rob Younger (Radio Birdman), and recorded in Paris at Microbe Studios.

After a Sabbath bloody Sabbath 2010 though all members were busy with various solo projects including a US West Coast tour and first album for Sonic Polo with Irritones, Oz tour and third album with Dimi Dero Inc for Vinz, a weekly rock n roll radio show Sonic Trip on Aligre FM for Eric and a new project, Twister Cover for Gooloo and that's just the short list.

The Holy Curse is back with their fifth album to date, Take it as it Comes, recorded at home, under supervision and constant care of Oz rock legend Rob Younger - singer for Radio Birdman and the New Christs, producer of Died Pretty and Citadel Records home producer for many years.

According to Alain Feydri, French rock journalist, if the Detroit/Oz rock connections, that was deliberately displayed on Feed the Dogs, are never far (Bellbirds Song, It Wasn't Johnny's Day),

The Holy Curse have now paid their dues and proceed with their own, unique thing on Take It as It Comes, with songs dense and tense – even at the cost of slower tempos (No Way Out There, Man with the Heavy Hand).

Tracklisting :

A – It Wasn't Johnny's Day, Died Ugly, Man with the Heavy Hand
B – Bellbirds Song, Oh Father, No Way Out There

To coincide with the release of Take it as it Comes, The Holy Curse will tour France in the upcoming months of May-June 2011 : 19/05 Lannion @ Les Valseuses, 20/05 Rennes @ Mondo Bizarro, 21/ 05 Caen @ El Camino, 22/05 Rouen tba, 23/05 Orléans venue tbc, 24/05 Toulouse tba, 25/05 Montpellier @ Mojomatic, 26/05 Marseille @ La Machine à Coudre, 27/05 La Seyne/Mer @ tba, 28/05 Gigors electric, 29/05 Grenoble venue tbc, 17/06 Le Havre @ L'Escale, 18/06 Paris @ Jaz Y Jaz. for more info, promo copy or to set up an interview, please contact:

Stéphane : +33 673 518 102
Turborock Records
6 rue Maurice Dutacq 14000 Caen - France

Kim, attached is the press release for our latest album, and a couple of MP3 songs Johnny's day is inspired by a story our mutual friend Mark Sisto once emailed me.

Fun Holy Curse video

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Thanks Kim, much appreciated by myself and the boys

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