Love this... Dick Wagner is thanking me?? Thank you Dick!

What a weekend at Kimmer's rancho deluxe! Yesterday Dick Wagner phoned in from his home in warm Arizona. Great to hear his voice and we talked music for awhile. We talked about guitars and the music scene around Ann Arbor during the days of the Gallup Park Sunday Free Concerts.

When I was like 14-16yrs the Rainbow People's Party through these huge shows on Sundays in the summer. This is where I first saw (The) Frost and out front was genius guitarist, songwriter, arranger, vocalist Dick Wagner. We both had really long hair back then!!! LOL

On my record player I wore out a few copies of Rock n Roll Music and Frost Music too. Playing that song right now still makes me wanna jump up and dance around my room! An anthem for my life to be sure. Dick Wagner's music never ages or loses it's edge.

Ever listen to Dick's lyrics? I absolutely love the way he writes about women. Most of the girls are in a positive light and then some not so much..... "Insatiable Girl" is one of my favorites from the Full Meltdown CD that Dick just sent to me. Also "She Said" is just beautiful

"Jenny Lee"
is another favorite from Dick and Frost... "Take My Hand" (I'll take you anywhere..." is another hot Dick song...

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