Chris "Box" Taylor and Kimmer

In honor of my pal Chris Taylor's birthday Scott Morgan and I went down to The Blind Pig in Ann Arbor last night to check out THE BANG. Chris told me that this Mixed Tape Dance Party was created in 2001 and is still packing the Pig almost 10 years later...

Kimmer with Jason one of the creators of THE BANG

Jason was one of the original BANG creators. These guys really have a great time doing this show. The energy in the room was electric. So great to see a mob of happy folks dancing! Wild crowd too! Wearing the most outrageous outfits! Yeow!

The posters for THE BANG are created by BANG co-founder Jeremy Wheeler. Jeremy did the posters for The Ann Arbor Rock n Roll Revival 2009 that Chris and I produced and promoted. Jeremy is a very talented artist and DJ too.

Ten years worth of mixed tapes are kept in a big acrylic box. Look at all the different BANG themes below...

Chris and Scott Morgan

Great to see Scott Morgan together again with Chris his old friend and bandmate. Made a little video featuring THE BANG organizers while they blow up balloons LOL!

See THE BANG fashion!

Thanks Scott, Chris, Jason, and everyone at The Blind Pig for assisting me with this story last night.

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Rick Ruiner said...

So cool! The Bang rocks! Those people are incredibly creative!

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