The Artist and his Mother
Acrylic on Canvas
32" x 40"

Johnny Bee Badanjek and my friend Dee Gilbert

Bee's Art Gallery. Here you can view Bee's paintings, many of which are available to purchase. Bee's artwork can be found throughout the country in various galleries. If you are interested in one of his pieces of art, please feel free to email him HERE.

View more of Bee's art HERE

Johnny Bee Badanjek at River's Edge Gallery in Wyandotte

"Art chose me at a very early age. As a descendant from a very passionate lineage my people were known for their expressiveness. My first inclination to artistic form was musical in nature. To me, melody and rhythm are akin to breathing and consuming oxygen. As I progressed in my career as a musician, I never saw myself as a side man in a top rock band ever. I am proud to say that I always carried myself and my craft as an artist. Coming from Detroit, Michigan and being exposed to the multi-cultural musical taboo that was commonplace to this town, I was witnessed to some of the greatest musical artistry and brilliance the likes this world has not yet recovered from. "Johnny "Bee" Badanjek"

Sticks N' Skins is AVAILABLE NOW !! Jules Follett, author of the book, Steve Badalament of Innovation Drum Company and Johnny Bee Badanjek.

1 comment:

Pam Cooke said...

One of the best one's Bee has ever done and I think I have seen them all including the one hanging in my home"

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