Iggy and the Stooges in Ann Arbor's Michigan Theater

Ann Arbor has been buzzing for over a week waiting for Iggy and The Stooges to finally appear in Iggy's hometown. The fans were busy trying to find tickets as they were sold out so fast... Scalpers were having a field day.

Luckily for me, My photographer friend Heather Harris hooked me up with two really fantstic seats. I was far enough back to miss getting splashed with Iggy's always present bottle of water.

Iggy and Deniz Tek (Anne Laurent photo)

The Stooges played 2 sets. First part was the Normal lineup. The second brought out Deniz Tek to play earlier Ron Asheton driven Stooges songs. Deniz played Ron Asheton's guitar! How amazing! Lots of folks were talking about Deniz's playing as if he were "possessed" by the spirit of Ron Asheton. Deniz played like himself to me. But, I have had the great fortunate to have seen him play before and at very close range.

Iggy Pop

This is the first time I have seen this band since 1970 I think. To me Iggy seemed very happy to be home and embraced that packed audience. Iggy was impishly warm and funny. Hi voice was fantastic and well the energy was just over the top. How does that man keep up that pace?

James Williamson and Steve Mackay

It was just really powerful to finally see James Williamson play live. I was going to go to his Ann Arbor meet and greet party but I was out of town working. Hopefully I will meet James eventually. Steve Mackay was unbelievable! The entire band was off the chart... Scott Asheton tore that kit up all night. If anyone has a good shot of Scott to share plz email it to me ok?

Mike Watt

Mike Watt was a total surprise for me. He is the most energetic joy filled bass player I have ever seen live. He was just so happy! Made me smile watching him enjoy playing music.

Great Richard Blondy shot of Deniz Tek at the after party. Deniz wrote me that he was still on a "high" even the next day. He said he didn't sleep that night. Very exciting historical moment watching Deniz work his magic on 4 songs. Deniz was very close friends with Ron Asheton so this Memorial was very dear to his heart.

My darling Motor City Rah Rah Wendy Starz (Mastal) was onstage dancing with Iggy when I walked in and saw her up there! turned out Wendy and her friend Jake had the seats to my right! YES we had a blast together and it was so sweet to be next to you buddies at such a huge gig!

I'd like to thank all my readers and friends who helped with this event/story. Heather Harris, Richard Blondy, Natalie Schlossman, Deniz Tek, Scott Morgan and The Stooges for coming out to A2! Most of all thanks go to Ron Asheton for the great music. XXOOK


FRAN DOMAN said...

Cool beans! That was fun....

hyperpoesia said...

Your prose really sings in this piece. "Impish" is a perfect description for Iggy, paradoxically b/c he is also so powerful a presence. Usually "powerful" and "impish" don't go together. And "joy-filled" is the perfect decription of Watt's playing as well. I feel as if that show forgave me for all my sins and i'm starting out afresh, afterglowing from the experience.
I'm sorry we didn't meet, but I'm thrilled to be on your mailing list.

rOD bELL said...

Excellent review!! I was at Mike W's Minnesota show on the 18th, he easily is the most infectiously fun bass player I've ever seen!

Sharon Frost said...

Oh what a night!

Monica McCabe said...

Cool Kim glad it was a great time and Webers is WONDERFUL!

Wendy Starz said...

It was even cooler to come down and see that you had the seats next to us!!!!

Larry said...

Great fun! Nikki Corvette and I ate before the show with Deniz, Anne, Carla and Karl Tek, Deniz brother and sister in law. Wonderful people. Deniz told a great story about selling Keith Richards a guitar!

Bart Saric said...

Cool article. Great pictures !
Epic musicians... Nothing short of Classic.

Thank you for sharing, Kim

Patti Quatro said...

what a great article......really enjoyed it. Sounds like an awesome night.


Mishi said...

Cool! M

Mimi B said...

was great!

Heather Harris said...


Ken Olson said...

Hi Kim,

It sure was a great show, likely the best I've ever seen.

Concerning Deniz's guitar - I thought that it was the Epiphone Crestwood he bought from Sonic. Did Ron own it at one time, too?

Damn good blogging as usual. Rock on, scribe!


Sue Rynski said...

-> Ken
That's a Fender Deniz is playing in the photo. I've seen Deniz play Fred's guitar up close, with Radio Birdman in a very steamy La Maroquinerie in Paris. Deniz not only kept that old guitar which has cracks in the lacquer revealing the wood in tune in that humid environment, he made it positively sing! I thought he was singing the intro to Zeno Beach, then looked up and discovered that divine sound was his playing.

KIm, thanks for your account of the concert and the images. Wish Ronny had been there himself.

Retro Kimmer said...

Deniz played his own white Strat and then switched to Ron's Black Strat which had an American Flag on it...info from Box Tsylor

Eric Pouille said...


Ron Hannah said...

Hey, Kim,

Like you, I haven't seen Iggy since '69 or '70. I bet if you think about it, his warm-up act the last time you saw him was
The Tribe ("Just Like An Aborigine"). They seemed to show up everywhere the Osterberger did for a while. I haven't
thought about that band for ages. As I recall, they were all 6' 6'' tall and weighed about 115 lbs. soaking wet. Ahh, the
good old days!

Ron Hannah

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