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Ron Perry of The Detroit Rocks Project was in Ann Arbor this past Monday interviewing many famed rock stars with huge Detroit connections and history. Met up with my friend Deniz Tek of Radio Birdman, The Golden Breed, and the Deniz Tek Group.

Deniz loves Detroit's music and was heavily influenced by Detroit's music while growing up in Ann Arbor. Deniz lived in Detroit while doing his residency from medical school.

Ron interviewed me as well... He asked me questions about how my blog began and who my heroes are in Detroit. We talked for about 45 minutes. Can't wait to see the finished film in it's entirety. Ron does so a great job and is so totally organized. Thanks Ron we all had fun!

Rick Ruiner came out to visit the set and hang with us. It was a really cool day to be in Ann Arbor.

My friend Heather Harris the Rock Photographer from Los Angeles flew in early Monday for the Iggy and the Stooges show at the Michigan Theater. I picked her up at the airport and she stayed at a hotel near my house in Ann Arbor.

Heather had a photo pass for the gig and I took her around Ann Arbor and showed her a few Stooges landmarks like Ron Asheton's house and Coachville Trailer Park where Iggy once lived.

Hiawatha Bailey Kimmer Deniz Tek Chris Box Taylor

After the day's shooting we went out to lunch and Heather and I lounged in the hotel jacuzzi and pool. We were gearing up for the Iggy show the next day. Got a call from Deniz who invited us down to the 8 Ball/Blind Pig and party a bit.

Scott Morgan Deniz Tek and Deniz's photographer friend Anne

We all arrived right at the same time. It was a lot of fun seeing Deniz and meeting his new girl Anne. Hiawatha, one of my favorites and Scott Morgan were there too. Heather had fun shooting pictures of everybody. We stayed for 2 hours and split to go get some rest for the Tuesday events.

Theresa and Chris Taylor welcomed their first baby boy... named Asheton after Ron Asheton Chris' friend and hero. What appropriate timing! Congrats you two!

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