Hey Kimmer-

Just a (long) line to tell you how much I enjoyed looking at your site. I was sitting in my cube at the Flint DHS office today listening to the Tigers opener, and cleaning up the end-of-month loose ends. One of the youngsters began to talk about 'things that are gone', namely Tiger Stadium. I told him they'd pretty much torn down most of my playgrounds like TS & the Eastown, & that the Grande was now a ghosthouse. Curious, I pulled up serveral links to the Grande; one thing led to another and I somehow wound up at your place.

I about filled my britches when I saw the pics of Scott Richardson. I remember watching them play at Mt Holly in '67 or so. Glen had the first Les Paul I'd ever seen. And I distinctly remember hearing Scott claim that he'd written 'I'm so Glad', even though there were those of us that new better. ;) Seems like everytime I was at one of the big halls, SRC, Frijid Pink, the 5, Seger or the Bossmen/Frost opened. There sure as hell was no lack of homegrown talent in those days. Those bands often blew off the headliners. But if the Stooges were on the bill and we took a date, we sat far back or in the balcony. No one wanted Iggy humping their girlfriend.

Best memories from those days;

Hiding on the Grande fire escape in between the 1st & 2nd Airplane shows in 11/68. Guy checks the escape, sees us, says 'cool', and goes back in. We ran inside when we saw the line begin to move, and parked our skinny asses about ten feet back from the stage. After the Airplane's set, Phil Lesh & Bob Weir came out to jam for an hour or so.

Walking out of the Grande with Fred Smith's Mosrite. The 5 were bound for Europe, and decided it would be a great idea to trash their gear before they left. After the guitar took a fearsome beating, Fred whipped it into the audience. It landed smack in front of me, and I latched onto it like it was the Holy Grail. I stripped off the electronics, and later traded the body & neck to a guy for his English-release John Mayall & Who collections. A guitarist friend who plays the eastern seaboard under the name of Wally Duke still has the pickup switch-knob. He transfers it from guitar to guitar. Bet Fred would get a kick out of that.

A Who show at Cobo in 7/70. It was the eve of my 19th birthday. We'd stopped at Eddie's bar along I-75 near John R and bought as much Bronte Red Port as our cash allowed. It made us exceptionally stupid. Primed by The James Gang, we of course rushed the stage when The Who kicked it off with 'Heaven & Hell'. Later in the set, I shouted for 'Armenia'. Townshend heard me, laughed, and threw a beer on us. I didn't clean it off my glasses for a week.

Good times... We don't get down to the city very often these days. A couple shows a year and a few Tiger games is about it. But I cherish those memories, and still own a few touchstones... a pair of seats from TS out on the deck, some Grande cards, and posters from the showThe Frost recorded at the Grande, along with posters for Wishbone Ash & Steve Miller at the Birmingham Palladium. Sites like yours help to keep it all alive... thanks.

Burt Kellogg

Ps- The 'Bob Talbert's Detroit' video brought a tear to my eye when I saw the tombstone of Stormin' Norman. One hell of a ballplayer.

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