Eric Pouille and Mark Sisto

One of my favorite rockers that I have had the pleasure to meet is Eric Pouille lead vocalist for Holy Curse in France. I met Eric when Deniz Tek was in town for our Ann Arbor Rock N Roll Revival show 12/18/09. Deniz asked me to go out to Metro Airport and snag his friend who just landed.

When I walked into baggage claim I saw Eric immediately... He is very tall! So we had fun chatting on the ride back to the rehearsal studio in Ann Arbor.

Eric sang Deniz Tek's song "New Race" It was thrilling to see as the finale of the show. People came pouring into the Blind Pig from other nearby clubs. It was so much fun! I did capture it on video...

From Vinz Guilluy:

Hi Kim, here it is :

***Note that our "Last Waltz" coincidentally starts in a place called "The Waltzers" (rough translation), and ends @ "La Java" (which was the name of a popular version of waltz in France in mid 20th century).

The Holy Curse - Last Call for Drinks Tour 2011

To coincide with the release of their album "Take It as It Comes" on Turborock records, The Holy Curse will tour France in May-June 2011.

19/05 Lannion @ Les Valseuses + Ultrabullit ***
20/05 Rennes @ Mondo Bizarro + Ultrabullit
21/05 Caen @ El Camino + Ultrabullit + Baya Populos
22/05 Cherbourg @ Kaluma
23/05 Orléans @ 5e Avenue
24/05 Toulouse @ Les Tilleuls
25/05 Montpellier @ Mojomatic
26/05 Marseille @ Machine a Coudre + Cowboys from Outerspace
27/05 Clermont-Ferrand @ Le Rubens + Ratzinger's Sins
28/05 Gigors et Lozeron (26) @ CBGC's + Elektrolux
12/06 Mery Corbon @ Harley Davidson festival (14)
17/06 Paris La Java + Ze Rippers ***

Have a great tour my friends! XXOOK

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