"Flint's Best Rock" is the story of one of the great FM Rock stations during the golden age of AOR,
the incomparable - WWCK, 105 FM 1971-1988. "Flint's Best Rock" is in the Rock n' Roll Hall of Fame.

As a twenty-year-old Flint resident in 1980, Jim Baade would sit in the lobby of the WWCK office just looking to be a part of the action, maybe on the air, and a part of the rock and roll scene.

He first was an intern working for nothing but experience but but by the late summer of 1981 he became Jim "Bad Boy" Baade, DJing the overnight shift from 2-6 a.m. for the station that prided itself on playing "Flint's best rock" and was named the best album-oriented radio station by Billboard Magazine in 1982.

Baade is now the creative service director of Townsquare Media Group, which owns local radios stations like Cars 108 and Banana 101.5 (Cars 108, ironically, was one of the stations that helped contribute to the former rock station's downfall). In 2011 he took some classes at Mott Community College to keep his skills up to date while media went increasingly digital. One class he took was a film class--a passion of his--and when it came time for a final project, he said he never had to think about what to film.

"My goal was to get a 4.0 and tell the story of 105," he said.

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