So sorry.... I am not a music reviewer naturally...I like what I like and basically all I can say is I LOVE THE SEATBELTS.

Retro Kimmer

 Our pal down under Craig the I94 Barman is a fabulous music writer and he really captures the SB vibe perfectly.......

JOY RIDE - The Seat Belts (Super Torque Records)  I 94 BARMAN REVIEW

What is it about Michigan rock bands releasing debut albums 30 years after they were regularly working the live circuit? The Ramrods did it a few years back and The Seatbelts, now well and truly reformed, continue in the same vein. Contemporaries of of the similarly non-prolific Sonic's Rendezvous Band, they've unleashed "Joy Ride" onto an unsuspecting public with rock and roll seemingly in its death throes. Maybe, just in the nick of time.

This is a 13-song trip down Interstate 94 that ignores the pot holes. It's straight-up rock and roll with its roots in the '50s. Greg Upshur is a rock and roll singer in the truest sense of the term - vocally he's recalling Robert Gordon. Guitarists Rick Mills and Chris Flanagan favour clean tones without gloss or sheen. If the band wore collars they'd be blue - just as it tends to be with real rockers from the Motor City and environs. Those muscle car mentions in "Age Group Rocker" are entirely appropriate.

With a name like The Seatbelts you'd expect driving songs and "Joy Ride" isn't a letdown. It also offers what passes for an anthem in "American Bandstand", the sort of aspirational, longing-for-the-West Coast/stardom rocker that bands used to produce for something called The Hit Parade. READ THE I94 BARMAN'S FULL REVIEW

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