MC5 "Part of the Problem or Part of the Solution" (Belvedere - TY8 7101) LP $ 13.50
You've waded through the thousands of MC5 live recordings and outtakes, retread and re-released every Zenta New Year with different artwork, different names but the same old audio.

Are you looking for something new to quench your high-energy Detroit rock and roll thirst? Try this on for size. Rumored to be the original demo reel JOHN SINCLAIR mailed off to Elektra Records back in 1968, this collection of live material is 100% unheard since then! Hard to imagine why as these explosive renditions hold up to the best of the 5's catalog.

If ripping versions of "Borderline" and "Come Together" aren't enough, also included are THREE songs NEVER heard of before from the band. "Softly in Love" is an original that starts softly and slowly builds to a droning eruption while "What's a Matter Baby" sizzles along like John Lee Hooker's original and while "Slow Down" trumps the Beatles version tenfold. Once these are gone...they gone.

Item ID: 285146
Available since: 07.08.2012
Release: 2012
Genre: Rock / Indie + Classic Rock
Pressing: US - Original
Medium: Vinyl + LP + Music
Catalog Number: TY8 7101
Condition: New
Availability: Ready for shipment, delivery in 1-2 days
(outside Germany 1-5 days)

US LP 19.95 €
24.62 US$ 15.68 £ (incl. VAT)
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Anonymous said...

ROCK EM' BACK SONIC!...wait...only available in vinyl? C'mon kids, I'm as old-school as the next guy but this is 2012. Somebody work with the Hurls. Lemme' see a sea of hands out there...I need someone to hook me up with a digital copy of this righteous stash.

Anonymous said...

"Loud, hard but very together"

Anonymous said...

Why are you promoting a bootleg, i.e. helping to rip the band off? Explain yourself or be a part of the problem.

Retro Kimmer said...

first of all where it even exists remains to be seen... but..I do not believe this to be a bottleg..it is supposedly a copy of the tape John Sinclair sent to Electra in 1968.Now how it got out of their hands and made into a cd 40 someyears later is a large question...Now I have nothing but love for the band and everyone knows Dennis Thompson is a very dear friend of mine...What I DO believe in is keeping the 5 ALIVE and getting them their must deserved place in the Rock Hall of Fame. The odds of anyone recovering monies from a European (?) group is not going to happen. I would however like to preserve any historic recordings of the 5 if at all possible... enough litigation..Just saying...

Retro Kimmer said...

I love the 5 and their fans...

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