Suspected driver in Venice boardwalk deadly hit-and-run arrested

Los Angeles Times  August 4, 2013  

The Los Angeles Police Department announced today it has arrested the suspected driver in the deadly hit-and-run on the Venice boardwalk.
LAPD sources said the man, whose name was not released, was booked at police headquarters in downtown L.A.

By Ari Bloomekatz and Abby Sewell

A driver premeditatedly  plowed into pedestrians on Venice's famed boardwalk Saturday evening, striking at least a dozen people and killing one, authorities said. The man parked his black car alongside the boardwalk as the sun sank, surveying the scene for several minutes before getting back into the car and speeding into the crowd, security video shows...

Another person was critically injured, two more suffered serious injuries and the rest sustained minor injuries, Los Angeles Fire Department spokesman Brian Humphrey said. He said a total of 10 people accepted transportation to hospitals.

 Los Angeles police said late Saturday that the driver of what witnesses described as a dark-colored sedan fled the scene.

This was just hideous....I have been on this beach several times and it had to be complete chaos.....

UPDATE: Person of interest turned himself in, police say

Late Saturday, authorities said a person of interest was being questioned in connection with the incident.

That person's name and gender were not released. Humphrey said his agency had been told only that the Los Angeles Police Department's Robbery-Homicide division was on the scene and that it remained "a very active investigation."


hurley said...

My God...what a sick sociopath.

hurley said...

My good Lord...that is one sick sociopath.

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