"It's a blow, but we've been taking blows for years," Kid Rock tells Billboard. "I don't think people are that surprised with the bankruptcy -- I mean people I know in Michigan. Everywhere else they are.

Now that everything's out in the papers and they're giving all the statistics about Detroit and the shape it's in and this, that and the other people outside are like, 'Wow, I had no idea...'

They know Detroit's run-down and it's dangerous and it has political problems, but when they start reading the statistics, that's what they really talk about. But I don't think it's a big shock to anybody in the area. We've all known what's going on."

Rock himself has been a major supporter of and ambassador for Detroit over the years, including through is own charitable foundation and his Made In Detroit apparel company. But he hesitates to voice an opinion about what he thinks should be done to clean up the situation. FULL STORY ON BILLBOARD

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