Princess Diana was a most amazing looking woman...I seriously doubt that anyone could completely transform their body and fae into Diana's...With that said...Naomi Watts is a very sharp gal and captured her soul not her outward beauty....

"Caught in Flight" follows Diana's secret romance with heart surgeon Dr. Hasnat Kahn, who reportedly was "the love of her life." The pair met in 1995 at the Royal Brompton Hospital, where Diana was visiting her friend who was recovering from heart surgery. Kahn kept the affair secret until he finally opened it up to The Telegraph in 2008. Read more:

Naomi Watts is already taking on the would-be critics of her upcoming biopic “Diana,” focusing on the late Princess of Wales’ affair with Pakistani heart surgeon Hasnat Khan. “So many people are going to pounce on me for not looking enough like her, not being tall enough, not being properly British — and I am actually properly British.

I’m also Australian — but all of those negative comments were sort of floating around in the back of my head,” she tells Hamptons magazine of her decision to take the role. “And obviously the sensitivity of it, is it the right thing to do, how would the boys [Princes William and Harry] feel about it.

But they’re not boys; they’re men.” She continues, “They are aware that stories will be told about history and them included.” Watts says she “fell in love” with Diana because she was “fighting to be happy . . . I can’t really think of many people who can survive that level of fame. She was trying to get better and she was trying to move beyond those difficult times.”

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