Chief Charles Moose took the brunt of the media glare and public outrage...he deserved much better treatment than he received....

The Beltway sniper attacks were a series of coordinated shootings that took place during three weeks in October 2002 in Washington, D.C., Maryland, and Virginia. Ten people were killed and three other victims were critically injured in several locations throughout the Washington, D.C. metropolitan area and along Interstate 95 in Virginia.

John Allen Muhammad and Lee Boyd Malvo

It was widely speculated that a single sniper, initially identified as a white man with assumed military experience, was using the Capital Beltway for travel, possibly in a white van or truck. It was later learned that the rampage was perpetrated by one man, John Allen Muhammad, and one minor, Lee Boyd Malvo, driving a blue 1990 Chevrolet Caprice sedan, and had apparently begun the month before with murders and robbery in Louisiana and Alabama, which had resulted in three of the deaths.

In September 2003, Muhammad was sentenced to death. One month later, Malvo was sentenced to six consecutive life sentences without the possibility of parole. On November 10, 2009, Muhammad was executed by lethal injection.

Police collecting evidence from the late model Chevy Caprice the DC Snipers used. A brown glove similar to one found at one of the shooting scenes was discovered in the trunk of the car.

Other contents included a laptop computer, a set of two-way radios, a wallet with several licenses all with Muhammad’s picture, a global positioning system, and the altered rifle believed to be the weapon used in one of the shootings.

Mark Spicer is a world-renowned authority on snipers and sniping.

Mark Spicer was called in to assist the law enforcement agencies find the DC Snipers.  Here is an excerpt from his article on this topic:

In a clearly detailed and very well constructed campaign, the men attacked the general public in order to dictate actions to the Government. They set about a plan to limit public movement and hence drop localised economy profit. This in turn applies pressure on local and then higher authority, to remove this threat, as business losses dictate an angry demand by corporate entities for the law enforcement departments to protect and hence return profit. 

 Mark Spicer simulating a car "Sniper Nest"

By scaring or terrorizing the general public into not driving their cars, because getting fuel could mean getting shot, you cost the fuel industry vast amounts of money, and to compound that effect by killing an innocent bus driver you ensure that even public transport starts to grind to a halt.  Read full Article on DC Sniper Attacks

John Allen Muhammad's motive: The Ex-Wife Connection.....

with all the subsequent loss of earnings to the economy. If this seems all a bit far fetched, just ask anyone living in the DC area during these attacks how they felt and you will get the point.

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