During her 35-year career as a gossip columnist, crime reporter and panelist on the weekly TV game show, "What's My Line?," Dorothy Kilgallen ("Dolly Mae" to her friends), was a fearless journalist who broke major stories, and was the only reporter to interview Lee Harvey Oswald's killer, Jack Ruby.

Her biggest case yet -- investigating President John F. Kennedy's assassination, and finding fault with the official story -- became the last one she ever pursued. She died mysteriously in November 1965, after being threatened, but the cops never probed further.

Thanks to reruns on the Game Show Network, fans are still talking about Dorothy, including Larry King of CNN, and Dominick Dunne, who wrote about her in Vanity Fair. Now, shocking new information has emerged.

"Dorothy Kilgallen was a dear friend of mine. I'm writing a book now and I have a whole chapter on her. She was madly in love with Johnny Ray and Johnny Ray was crazy about her. The only woman he ever slept with in his life was her. To this day, the files are open in the New York police department on how she died. They never solved the case. 

They alleged that she died from an overdose of barbituates, but I know for a fact that she wasn't taking anything at the time. She felt like she was being poisoned. And I think that's what happened. Once she started writing the book on the Kennedy assassination, I think somebody came in there and poisoned her." Steve Rossi

November 8, 1965, this talented but fragile star was found dead in her bedroom. She was only fifty-two years old. The medical examiner issued a report two days later that said Dorothy Kilgallen died of “acute ethanol and barbiturate intoxication – circumstances undetermined.”

Ms. Kilgallen had been the last to interview Jack Ruby, killer of Lee Harvey Oswald. She told friends his revelations were shocking proof of a conspiracy that killed John F. Kennedy.

She died on November 8, 1965. Her autopsy report took eight days. She was 52 years old. Two days later Mrs. Earl T. Smith, a close friend of Miss Kilgallen's died of undetermined causes.



"To anyone that actually believes Lee Harvey Oswald had anything to do with the execution of JFK.... "I am convinced Oswald did not fire a shot nor was he in control of anything...I don't believe he even knew JFK was to be executed that day...and you know, even if I play "devil's advocate" and say he was involved....the REALITY is ... Osawald could NOT have ordered the stand down of the Dallas PD, The Secret Service, the National Guard, nor altered the parade route... 

Oswald could have controlled the entire amerikkkan media to go along with the official and fairytale story of the Warren commission for the past 50 years, nor keep the Zapruder film hidden from public view for so many years, Oswald could NOT have caused ALL the deaths of the witnesses and accomplices in the murder of JFK, Ferry, Ruby, George Senator, Tom Howard. Gary Underhill Guy Bannister, , Dr. Mary Sherman, Roger D. Craig , Lee Bowers, Dorothy Kilgallen, Mary Pinchot, Malcolm Wallace, Lucien Sarti, Charles Willoughby, Thomas Davis, Richard Cain, Dave Yarras, Sam Giancana, Jimmy Hoffa, Roland Masferrer, Johnny Roselli , George De Mohrenschildt, Charlie Nicoletti, Carlos Prio and the list goes on and on. 

Could Oswald have appointed the members of the Warren Commission, could he have come up with the ‘single magic bullet theory”, could he have arranged for his own killing by Ruby… Could he have gone to Russia and then welcomed back into the US with a wife , without a debriefing, could he have unknowingly worked out of the same office as Guy Bannister, could he have hired men to impersonate him, could he have killed Tippit, could he be questioned relentlessly for hours by the Dallas PD and FBI and remain cool calm and collected , could he have been on the 2nd floor just seconds after allegedly shooting JFK on the 6th floor...too many impossibilities and too many coincidences...." - Guido Colacci


Anonymous said...

Lee Harvey Oswald did not kill John Fitzgerald Kennedy.

Assets of the CIA, guided by LBJ and Hoover’s FBI, did the murder using sophisticated weapons such as the flechette fired from an umbrella. Most likely the fatal bullet came from the DalTex building. Lee Oswald was the patsy. JFK, knowing he was in dangerous territory, felt safer by insisting that John and Nellie Connally were in the limo with him. Hence Connally’s cry, “Oh my God. They are going to kill us all!”

I knew LBJ and Connally. I knew the oil men. The man who owned the schoolbook depository profitted with LBJ as president, not only in oil, but in defense contracting. ETC

Anonymous said...

LBJ, according to Evelyn Lincoln, was afraid of being dropped from the ticket. That and he was in danger of going to jail for any one of a number of criminal misdeeds is a lot of motive. Read her book.

Anonymous said...

If JFK was concerned about his safety, why did he tell the Secret Service not to put the bubble top on the limo, and why did he tell them not to ride on his car?
People hate to believe that a popular, charismatic leader of the free world could be brought down by a pipsqueak loser like Lee Oswald, but that's what happened. Oswald did it, and he acted alone.

gallagher said...

It is the quietly suspicious deaths that convince me there was a nefarious conspiracy!!! Killgallen was one Mary Pinchot Meyers is another - Marys death was VERY Suspicious https://www.smithsonianmag.com/history/44-years-later-a-washington-dc-death-unresolved-93263961/

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