Dijana Kilic testifies against Danyell Thomas during Thomas' preliminary hearing at the Kent County Courthouse Wednesday, Jan. 15, 2014. Thomas charged with the murder of businessman John Dahlinger. (Cory Morse | MLive.com)

Still so many unanswered questions in the investigation into the murder of Henry Ford's illegitimate grandson John C. Dahlinger Jr. It is still hard to fathom the two suspects Danyell Thomas and Daijana Kilic committing such a violent crime in the name of robbery.

Diajana has an immunity deal and testified under oath that Danyell did the shooting...ok but who wielded the blunt force to Dahlinger's face? First they said Dahlinger was on the floor, then on his knees, and now lying on the bed...Hopefully the trial coming possibly this May will answer these many mysteries.....

 Danyell Thomas, 36

Danyell Thomas, 36, was at Kent County Circuit Court Thursday, March 13, for a hearing in which the Kent County Prosecutor could offer him a plea agreement that would make a trial unnecessary.

But there was no offer made and Thomas and his attorney, Helen Neiwenhuis, did not choose to enter a plea of guilty as charged, so the case moves on to a jury trial before Judge Paul Sullivan, likely to come in May.

Thomas is accused of shooting Dahlinger on Oct. 16 at Dahlinger’s condominium on Krislin Drive NE, near Dean Lake Avenue and Knapp Street.

According to Thomas' alleged partner, Dijana Kilic, a prostitute who was with Dahlinger at his home, she contacted Thomas via text message to come to the home with a gun in order to rob the man. FULL MLIVE STORY

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