Oz’s Wicked Witch Of The West Comes To “Once Upon A Time”

YAY, one of my favorite TV shows returns tonight on ABC.  Once Upon a Time, is about our favorite story book stories with a modern take and a bit of grit added to them. Though as a child I always was on the side of the heroes, I love the bad guys the most in this show.  I just adore the main bad guy... the Evil Queen from Snow White played by Lana Parrilla

Evil Queens

Our heroes’ journey from breaking the curse, dealing with the ramifications of magic in our world, traveling into Neverland to save Henry and their upcoming battle with the Wicked Witch of the West will be explored in anticipation of “Once Upon a Time’s” exciting midseason return, on “Once Upon a Time: Wicked Is Coming,” Sunday, March 9 on ABC.

The good guys are boring but the EVIL QUEENS are spectacular.......

Hitting Storybrooke in a whirl of green smoke and flying monkeys, the WWW, also known as Zelena, is being played by actress Rebecca Mader and will be the lead villain for the remainder of Once‘s third season. Former evil queen Regina (Lana Parrilla) is not having it, though, and dares Zelena to “bring it” when threatened with teh destruction of everything she holds dear.

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