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Let me start this story by saying how grateful I am to be able to connect with so many of my heroes. The opportunity to speak with these legends is just overwhelming...♥♥♥

Scott Segelbaum of Rock Art Show emailed me a nice press kit for Ron Campbell's upcoming appearances at SXSW. STORY HERE...I gladly posted Scott's announcement and then at the bottom it had a link that Ron was available for interviews. As I am not really into "interviewing" or Q&A's but I jumped at a chance to speak with Ron. Scott sent me his number....

Then I realized that I just wanted to THANK RON for crafting the colors in life! What an impact his work had on me from childhood and forward...He of course refused to accept credit and wanted me to realize how many other people worked on these productions and not just him. Lovely, charming and very talented man...

In my mind when I created RETRO KIMMER in 2008, I wanted to show the newer generations just how cool it was to grow up in the 1960s. Nothing was cooler than the Beatles Cartoons, and Yellow Submarine...The pop art of the 1960s continues to inspire so many...

Screen Cartoonist Ron Campbell

Just the other day I had the opportunity to chat with one of my biggest pop culture heroes..Screen Cartoonist/Animator/Director Ron Campbell. Lovely man, originally from Australia where he went to Art school at Swinburne Tech
Early in his career, Ron was involved with some of the very first television productions in Oz. But for Ron, in America he would have so much more opportunity. Ron and his wife Engelina moved to California to pursue his career in animation.

Ron and I talked about legendary illustrator Heinz Edelmann  who designed the characters of Yellow Submarine. Ron spoke fondly of Mr. Edelmann and his generosity in spirit.

Ron really is a team player and how it really takes a "village" to produce these animated shows and films. We talked about the pencil drawings in detail.  I always thought the animators drew ALL the many many pencil drawings that it takes to make the images move. But actually they have assistants that do the clean up and fill images. Whew that has to be a lot better! What a thrill for new animators to apprentice with the masters! (IMO)

Did you know that in Yellow Submarine the BLUE Meanies were originally RED? A poke at the Ruskies...but the Blues fit the animation much better (more bluesy) so the RED was tossed...Chief RED Meanie vs Chief Blue Meanie...get it?

What a career he built!.. Here are some of his productions...actually too many to list today but a sample of some of my favorites.

Ron retired from his fifty-year career as a screen cartoonist and lives in the Phoenix, Arizona area. But he needs to keep his mind active and stay energized by doing shows and meeting his legions of fans. Stop by and meet Ron at SXSW next week!

He now creates original pop art paintings based upon the films he was involved with in one capacity or another. His paintings are sold through Scott Segelbaum’s Rock Art Show, where he occasionally appears, both exhibiting and selling his artwork

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