The Two of Pentacles card suggests that my power today lies in balance. I strive for equality and choose not to indulge instant gratification at the expense of my purpose. I am responsible for my own decisions and take on only what I can handle based upon that which I value. I am empowered by choice and my asset is negotiation.

keeping everything in balance
coping with demands
getting people to work together
making sure all areas are covered
having a lot of irons in the fire
moving forward smoothly
emphasizing all aspects equally

being flexible
adapting quickly
feeling free to try new approaches
going with the flow
refusing to let change throw you
opening to developments
seeing the possibilities
handling challenges
changing directions easily

having fun
doing something you enjoy
getting a kick out of life
taking time to play
feeling in high spirits
whistling while you work
seeing the humor in the situation
kicking back

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