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Your card today is the King of Cups. Kings, like other court cards, can represent an actual person or highlight this energy in your life.king-of-cups

If this King represents someone you know, he is likely to be a man over the age of 35 with fair or grey-hair, a clear complexion and pale-blue, liquid eyes. He may be a Cancer, Scorpio or Pisces.

Being highly intelligent and a man of considerable achievement, you will probably find him in working in law, education, medicine, religion, diplomacy, or caring profession.

This King is kind, honourable, trusted and respected. People often seek him out for his sage advice. He is wise and has a deep understanding of the world. He is ideally suited to positions of power where the needs of others are his primary concern.

You would love to have him as your doctor, lawyer or therapist because he genuinely cares. He also makes a wonderful husband or father. This is the best card to receive in a love reading if you want to get married or have a family. If you are a woman it may mean you have met the ‘One’.

In Tarot, the Kings represent mastery and the suit of Cups symbolises feelings, emotions and intuition. The years have made the King wise. He was once a naive Page, and then an idealistic Knight, but he has learned over time to master his thoughts and emotions. He has become mindful and a person of considerable strength.

The King knows that this inner peace is the source of his power. This is how he stays centred and clear, no matter what stormy emotional seas rage around him. He may come across as guarded but really he is just keeping himself in check. He is responsive rather than reactive. No matter what, he just will not buy into drama.

The presence of the King of Cups in a reading can suggest that you are in a situation where this energy is important in your life. You are being strong with all the challenges in your life right now. It’s not always easy but you just intuitively know that staying balanced will empower you. You are doing great. This is a sign to hang in there and it will get better.

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