"Here comes the Sun, Little Darling, here comes the Sun, and I say, it's ALL-right!"

Today is a new day, a day filled with light, love, and bliss. The Sun comes to tell us that you are on path. All of your choices have led you to this place and it is amazing. You feel joy, contentment, and radiance. This is a re-birth into your truest Self, your highest Self, your most delicious Self. The answer to the question is YES! You are reunited to your self, to your source, to it all! You remember you are loved, you feel the warmth, and nourishment, you live in abundance. Your inner light is shinning bright and only getting brighter.

The Sun has risen and there is a new awakening. This is the next new chapter, and the past has been released. You are free to Be exactly who you are meant to Be, and today you know exactly who that is. All of your plans and goals are falling into place. You can breathe freely, there is no doubt, you are here to experience life at its fullest, most deliciousness. You feel gratitude for it all and you see know that it is ALL part of the whole, All part of the process. The light has shown through and illuminated, the confusion is gone, replaced with contentment and joy. This is a new beginning and there is closure to the past, you are free to be exactly who you are meant to be, you are free to do all you are meant to do!

Today you feel strong, you feel clear, you feel ready to take life….Your life to the next level. A level of peace and serenity, and place of true abundance. 
becoming enlightened
finding the sense behind the chaos
attaining a new level of insight
having an intellectual breakthrough
getting to the heart of the matter
realizing the truth
experiencing greatness
achieving prominence
being singled out for notice
having a personal moment of glory
setting an outstanding example
shining forth brilliantly
demonstrating distinction
becoming the center of attention
feeling vitality
becoming radiantly energized
bursting with enthusiasm
experiencing joy
feeling invigorated
getting charged up
enjoying great health
having assurance
feeling free and expansive
honoring your true self
knowing you can succeed
being confident
believing in your worth
trusting your abilities
forgiving yourself

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