They are all going to come out of the woodwork against Jagger for his lifetime of abusing friends and lovers... and I believe that is exactly the payback L'Wren had in mind...

Artist rips Jagger: Mick a 'bad guy' who drove me to brink of suicide

Mick Jagger and his late girlfriend, L'Wren Scott. The artist who created the Stones' famous tongue logo posted a screed on Facebook where he said a long feud with the star left him contemplating suicide.

Artist Ruby Mazur, who created the Rolling Stones’ famous tongue logo, claims frontman Mick Jagger is a “very bad guy,” who left him so depressed that he considered suicide.

Mazur, who has a decades-long feud with Jagger, reacted to the suicide of L’Wren Scott with a scathing post on his Facebook page, which he has since deleted. He described Jagger to Page Six as a “very egotistical, self centered, ‘Mick Mick Mick’ kind of person.”

“I feel for [L’wren],” Mazur says, even though he’d never met her. “Had I not been as strong, with great friends, I might have hung myself too.”

Mazur met Jagger in the 1970s in London, and created the original “mouth and tongue” artwork for the “Tumbling Dice” album. Jagger paid him $10,000 for the art at the time to use for the cover. Since then, the image has been used on Stones merchandise and become one of the most recognizable logos in pop culture.

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