The world knows about the rich musical history of Detroit, Michigan, and the legendary artists it has produced, but what is it that makes The Motor City unique when it comes to Rock & Roll? Everyone knows the names The MC5, Bob Seger, Ted Nugent, , The Stooges, SRC, The Romantics, Kid Rock, etc., but what made these acts so different, so special, so quintessentially “Detroit”?

The Detroit music scene is a vibrant stew of musical influences, and when an act rises up from the trenches here to become known worldwide, they are taking those influences with them. The Detroit experience is unique because the bands here inspire and influence each other as much or more than they are influenced by the Rock & Roll standard-bearers of the world.

For every kid in Detroit who was inspired by Led Zeppelin or Guns & Roses, there were dozens more whose heroes included bands like Mugsy, Seduce, The Almighty Strut, Halloween, and more recently, The Shram Band, Overloaded, Pistol Day Parade, and so many others who are little-known outside of southeastern lower Michigan.

Detroit Rocks is a documentary which will focus not on history, but on the influences that live and grow in the here and now, as they are passed from generation to generation of young up-and-coming musicians. This is not the story of this band or that band, it is the story of how players in Detroit were affected by the bands that they saw in their own hometown, and how these influences can be heard in the music being made today in Detroit and internationally. It is the story of Detroit rock & roll told in the voices of the players who have made Detroit "Rock City".

Detroit Rocks features interviews with prominent Detroit rockers from the sixties to today, and live concert footage of currently active artists covering songs from their Detroit influences.

Teegarden and Vanwinkle

In addition, the producers have recorded a "Band Aid" style theme song featuring dozens of well-known Motor City musicians, and are organizing a concert starring the available participants, to benefit charitable organizations aiding those in the Detroit area who are struggling due to the economic downturn, and recent changes in the struggling auto industry. (See the "All-Star Theme Song & Benefit Concert" page for more info).

Producer/Musician/Director Ron Perry will be in Detroit this August to conduct a third round of interviews with the musicians who make Detroit “Rock City”, and asks that anyone who knows or can put us in touch with any of the musicians or bands on our “wish list” below, please call us at 888-988-6334 or e-mail ron@americanmediasound.com

Ron will be in Detroit the first week of August for more interviews, email him with your ideas or anyone you readers feek should be included!


If there are any Detroit artists that you feel were influential, who do not appear on the participants list or the "wish list", please feel free to let us know! Call Toll Free: 888.988.MEDIA

Some of the Participants (so far)

Scott Morgan The Rationals
Jim McCarty
Johnny BEE Badanjek
Gary Quackenbush SRC
Arthur Penhallow
Brian Pastoria
Doug Podell WRIF/WCSX
Dave Edwards THE LOOK
Brian Shram (Shram)
Michael Luce Brownsville Station
Henry Weck Brownsville Station
Seduce (Mark Andrews, Chuck Burns, Dave Black)
Rachel May (Broadzilla)
Scott Campbell Sillies/Bookies
Suzy Cole (WRIF)
Gunner Ross (The Almighty Strut, Ted Nugent Band, Send More Cops)
Joey Gaydos (Mugsy, Cub Koda & The Points, Weapons, AZUR, Send More Cops)
Steve Firneno (The Nasties, Romeo Rock, Face, Seduce, Shram)
Tino Gross (Howling Diablos)
Mike Adkins (Uncle Kracker)
Tom Morwats (The Mutants)
Tommy Furbacher (Soul Circus, Panic Trigger)
Arlen Viecelli (Salem Witchcraft)
Pistol Pete (Twistin' Tarantulas)
John Avedisian (Romeo Rock, The Almighty Strut)
Dave Colt (Gotham City)
Rick Ruiner & Nina Friday (The Ruiners)
Tim Pop (podcster)
Randy Peavler (Teezer, Fugitive)
Lixx (Bob Dancer, Art McAuley, Tom Holiday, Tony Marocco)
Tom Ingham (Ezra, Weapons, Romeo Rock, Racer X, Send More Cops)
Dave Goldsworthy (The Blues Airmen, Mudflap, Blues Airmen Guitars)
Ron Perry (The Nasties, AZUR)
Nick Marocco (Dangerous Pursuit)
Ruzvelt (Blondies)
Pistol Day Parade (Fuller, Rob Banks, Jason Lollio, Randy Watson)
Brian Thomas (Halloween)
Chris Gillen (Overloaded, Tokyo Blade)
Pete Bankert (Rock City Studios, Mugsy, Weapons, Dark Carnival, Cult Heroes)
For more information on “Detroit Rocks Project 2010” please call Ron Perry at 888-988-6334

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