Stanley T. Madhatter next to Grimshaw's Love In Detroit Poster

Yesterday I went eastbound and snatched up Stanley T. Madhatter famed rock Emcee and took a little road trip to Detroit. Go be a fan Stanley's Facebook Page HERE

Stanley was really hungry so we decided to go eat at the restaurant where they held the Gary Grimshaw benefit last Thursday which I had to miss because of my working late. The lovely Grand Trunk server called manager and organizer of the benefit, Don Bailey to see if there were any posters left and I GOT ONE!

This is the benefit poster sold for Gary

We had a great lunch on the Grand Trunk side of the Foran's restaurant. Foran's on the right and Grand Trunk on the left. Stan talks about Detroit.

BTW it was the Leni Sinclair photo of Fred Smith that was missing.....

We had a great time laughing and eating our lunch. Afterward I shot stills or the gorgeous building with the incredible ceiling, chandelier and cross. Stan is pointing up at the cross.


donnie bishop said...

"i remember him from the early '70's when i was doing shows at yhe latin quarter, michigan palace, etc..with my partner sirius trixon and the MotOR CITY BAD BOYS...lol...a lifetime ago."

Micheal Valentino said...

"got to love Stanley!!!!!"

ME ME King said...

"Very cool! "

Anonymous said...

RIP Stanley

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