In a daring lavender gown designed by Bob Mackie, Cher doll achieves incredible likeness to her namesake. True-to-life details include authentic face sculpting, dramatic face paint, and a gorgeous mane of black hair. And the dress - a stunning lavender ensemble fit for this legendary entertainer. Criss-cross halter, floor-length skirt, and a fabulous feather boa make a bold statement. Silvery swirled detailing accents the gown, adding just the right amount of sparkle to this already breathtaking doll.

Today I thought I'd post something fun about one of my favorite stars of all time and the gorgeous doll I own of CHER! The Timeless lavender dress by Bob Mackie is a fantastic doll.
The first time I saw this doll was on an episode of Will and Grace. Jack bought this doll for Will's birthday knowing that Will wouldn't want it so he would keep it!

I loved the doll instantly and began my long search to find one. Mattel had just released the doll but there was not one available on a store shelf anywhere. I finally found one from Singapore and sent away for it. I paid 49.99 plus shipping for the doll. She is worth much more now. I have seen it as high as 500.00 mint in box which mine is too. My favorite Cher film is Moonstruck! Cher fought the producers to have Nic Cage play Ronny and what a brilliant piece of casting! Everyone was fantastic in this film. Olivia Dukakis as Loretta's mother was so funny! PUT SOME MAKEUP ON THAT THING!
The early Cher was the best! No one looked or sang like her. The eyeliner, the long black hair, those huge bell bottoms and fur vests! What a 1960's icon! The TV show and Bob Mackie dresses really made the Sonny and Cher show sparkle. We tuned in every week just to see her clothes. Like watching the Oscars every week. Several actresses wore this almost nude Bob Mackie dress below but no one pulled it off (on?) like CHER!
Some very cool sketches of Cher's dresses by the fabulous Bob Mackie (nice name) he was really having a great time with her as his muse. More on Bob's website HERE


fran doman said...

"Great post, Kim! I love that doll!!!!"

Retro Kimmer said...

Me too!!!

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