Peggy Moffitt

The beginning of this blog began with my love of the 1960's. Twiggy, Peggy Moffitt were my two favorite models and I dreamed of being like them. I wrote about my favorite models. cosmetics, crime stories, toys, and music. Along the way I met so many people from all over the world.

Some lovely and some not so lovely. Most beautiful, generous in spirit and extremely kind in sharing their opinions and stories. Many sent gifts and shared their cds, dvds, art work and writings.

In my blogging beginning.... I made a website which is much different than a blog. It is flat and displays data and images. Tedious and hours and hours of work. Especially if you are self taught as I was. This is one of several versions of Mackyplanet the website. I made a Halloween version, thanksgiving version, and Christmas version but couldn't figure out what to do with the page. The badges on the picture represent my blogs I was also making at the time.

First Website

Lucky for me I enlisted my talented artist daughter Lesley to draw the characters for most of the blogs. Some I did myself. I began approaching other bloggers that I thought could use a make over so I emailed them and offered my services for free as I didn't feel my newbie blogger skills were worth much money.

My first blogs were:

The first Snarky View was a cross between The View tv show and South Park


This was my first RK logo that my daughter the artist created Lesley took the photo a few notches higher and redder too. So I ended up with the final blogs....


Then other blogs came in by the week, more posting to come stay tuned!

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