James Williamson and Heather Harris photo: Evita

I was totally thrilled to finally see my far away in LA friend Heather Harris step out from behind her fantastic camera! She looks beautifully blonde next to James Williamson. Heather took some gorgeous photographs of James that were just fantastic. See the Heather Harris gallery on James Williamson's website HERE

Heather really is a huge fan of The Stooges so I know she was in her element at the invitation only premiere on Monday April 26. Read Heather's story on her evening on her blog HERE

Richard Meade, Dire McCain James Williamson Evita



"Thanks Kim. Heather and James look fantastic."

BillyWarhol said...

I hear they're Playing Toronto!!
Saturday, June 19, 2010
8:00pm - 11:00pm
Virgin Mobile Stage (Yonge & Dundas Square)
FREE show @ Yonge & Dundas (part of NXNE)

p.s. Fab looking Crowd as always Kimmer!! ;)

Fast Film said...

That's a photo of yours truly losing all vestiges of professional aplomb.

Retro Kimmer said...

you look gorgeous! xxoo hug Mr. T too prayers coming westward.

Fast Film said...


Dan Pilarski said...

Dear Ms. Kimmer;

Came across your site this morning via Motor City Music Archives. My name is Dan Pilarski grew up in Roseville MI (Sacred Heart High '69), spent all my summers in the Pinckney Recreation Area (North Territorial, The Haunted Highway D. Tek). I'm an active drummer playing in and around San Francisco Bay Area.
-Saw MC5/DKT here and talked to all the boys that night, fun to see Marshall Crenshaw playing with them.
-Saw Radio Birdman when they came thru a couple of years back, they were extremely sharp, in top form.
-Saw The Rendezvous Band twice, own Sweet Nothing, used to carry the City Slang 45 hooked to my belt, there was nothing, NOTHING like that band. I told Patty Smith that when she was here being interviewed promoting her book about Her & Maplethorpe. She said her & Fred's son is a MASTER guitar playing technician.
-Never missed The Rockets shows (20 Grand, Red Carpet,)
-Always at the Grande, Eastown, A.A. free Sundays, Goose Lake, occasional Gar-Wood party
-Listen to my Power Train cd alot.
-Back in the day my bands owned a studio in Gregory MI. played at The Roadhouse in Whitmore Lk and Second Chance often.
-Own all of brother Wayne Kramer's solo releases (still a talent). Saw the movie before it disappeared, I tried to start a campaign via Rolling Stone to get THE 5 in the Hall of Fame
-Mitch Ryder sounds SO STRONG on Aire Harmonie (Live in Bonn '08)
-So much more, love your stuff, come on back to me good buddy

Retro Kimmer said...

Wow DAN! I would love it if you'd guest post for retro kimmer about any of those topics! Love to hear more stories from people that were actually there! Thanks so much for following RK!

Fast Film said...

Another vote for Dan's posting a guest column here. You have allies in the Stooges for induction into the Rock n Roll Hall of Fame: note their name-checking in Iggy's acceptance speech.

Fast Film said...

I wasn't expressing myself clearly in my previous comment for Dan Pilarksi (still Stooge-rattled I guess, plus personal life issues have intruded.) The MC5 were name-checked to the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame during Iggy's acceptance speech, which I'm sure was a deliberate gesture by him to get the seed planted. And I would love to see a guest post on retrokimmer by DAn.

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