Helldrivers Rockets Tribute photo: Dan Sultana

The only problem with the article from the beginning was Brett using the term "bar band" Here is a of definition of that term:

1. bar band
A band that plays primarily in bars and always sounds better when the audience (and most of the time) the band is drunk. They are usually extremely entertaining and have a lot of novelty songs, written to get a laugh. They are not always that talented, but it doesn't really matter.

This is why the band members and fans took exception to Brett's use of the term Bar Band in reference to the Helldrivers who are all seasoned and well traveled musicians.

Brett writes beautifully and the article was a positive one to be sure. I think it was a knee jerk reaction to that Bar Band term. End of Story.

From the Current Metro Times:

Best Bar Band
The Hell Drivers

OK, before their fans grab their weapons of choice and storm the MT offices like the final scene out of Frankenstein, we're not trying to be cute or deliberately mean ... but just attempting to prove a point, MT was flooded with letters when Brett Callwood described this group of mostly Detroit all-stars as perhaps the city's "best bar band."

You'd have thought we said they sucked. But we want to emphasize that this was not an insult or intended as such. We were, after all, big fans of the Detroit Wheels, Mitch Ryder & Detroit, Cactus and the Rockets and full of respect. But we also consider a bar band — especially "best" bar band — to be a compliment.

Springsteen & the E Street Band called themselves a "bar band" for years, even after they were selling out arenas. The Smithereens still call themselves a bar band. And George Harrison once said the Beatles were never better than when they were a "bar band," playing clubs in Liverpool and Germany. We'd hate to see what would have happened if we'd really have been intent on insulting these killer Detroit musicians (though we still do think they should drop the Iggy cover ...). (We think it's a Ron Asheton cover....)

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