I first saw the Art of Phil Lewis on Myspace years ago. He uses a similar technique that my duaghter Lesley uses. They combine drawing with sharpies, prisma markers and then use photoshop on the images too. This makes the colors just POP off the canvas or board.

Phil's detail reminds me a bit of one of my favorite artists of all time Peter Max. Phil's imagination knows no boundaries. You can look at his images for hours and still find something new in the picture. The actual work and a different work on the computer at the same time. Interesting ways to use multi-media to create such bright beautiful art.

About Phil: His Website is HERE
Throughout my life I have felt a special connection with nature, and being outdoors inspires me to create. The amazing scenery in Colorado has certainly fueled this inspiration, and the surrounding landscapes appear frequently in my work. In addition to drawing the things I see around me, I also like to draw the things I come up with on my own. To imagine is the most fun.

Lately I have been developing a style of artwork that combines pen drawings and digital design. I have always appreciated the raw nature of pens on paper, but I am also intrigued with the endless possibilities that the digital canvas provides. By combining the two I feel it is possible to create images that feel both organic, and state-of-the-art at the same time.

I am truly grateful for the ability to create this art, and through it, I hope to bring as much positive energy into the world as I can.

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