Stanley T. Madhatter and Laura Grimshaw

I wasn't supposed to attend the second Gary Grimshaw benefit last night as I was spending Record Day with Scott Morgan autographing his new EP Rationalism at Street Records in Oak Park.

At about 6pm I was almost home and my cell went off and Stanley T. Madhatter asked me to attend the event with him. I tried to beg off as I was already tired from driving back from Oak Park but you all know Stan! Stan plus my friends of the Howling Diablos were going to appear as well.

So I grabbed a new memory stick for the camera and went to Ypsi to pick up the Emcee himself. Stan drives so I just ride along and relax. He knows every landmark and business in Detroit so there is no getting lost with Stan at the wheel.

Saw a lot of Detroiters there and some RK readers were there too. My happiest moment was when Laura Grimshaw found me in the darkest part of the room and came up to thank me for promoting Gary's work online with Big Rich Dorris.

Laura was handing out carnations and started to give me one and then smiled at me and gave me the whole bouquet! How sweet! She said I deserved them all. She was very excited that Gary maybe coming home in June and had a lot of positive news about Gary's health. Making the trip to Detroit twice in one day was totally worthwhile. xxoo Laura!

Laura Grimshaw

Saw my good friend Mark Childress the fantastic singer from the Dead City Prophets and his beautiful musician/artist daughter Chasey. It was so good to see them together!

It was great to see Laura smiling and mingling with her guests. Here she is with Tino Gross and Johnny Bee. I think this is Jim McCarty's wife...Sorry I forget names too easy these days. Somebody write me and tell me her name plz...

My first stop at the event was to chat with Pun Plamondon and buy his book! I have wanted to buy it for a long time and he donated half of his revenue to Gary's fund. I used to see Pun at Gallup Park every Sunday at the free concerts. We talked about how much hard work he did to produce those shows. I produced convention shows for a long time and then realized just how much went into the productions of those free concerts!

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