What a way to wake up this morning! The front page of the Motor City Archives features my blog Retro: Kimmer. Two weeks ago I went to Motor City Rah Rah Susie's birthday party hosted by Albert Freud at Mario's in Troy. The Helldrivers, All the Rah Rahs, Circusboy, Len Beste, Gary Quakenbush, Gary Adams, Tino Gross, and Al King were some of my pals that attended.

Len, Mike, Gary Q and me (Al must have shot this photo)

Later on were sitting at a a round table and there was a a man sitting with us and a friend leaned over to me and suggested I meet him. Turns out that this was Mike the longtime web designer (owner) and researcher of the Motor City Archive Website.

I was thrilled to meet him as his site was where I began when I was researching Dennis "Machinegun" Thompson's blog. I needed background information on some of Dennis' other bands besides the MC5. The Secrets, Sirius Trixon and the Motor City Bad Boys, The New Order and more.

More bands I needed were Mark Farner The Dogs, Gang War, ? and the Mysterians and the list goes on... MCMA is my Detroit band encyclopedia. It is important when writing a story that you get the player's names correct. I hear from them quickly if I get it wrong...


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