Director Ron Perry and Mitch Ryder

Hey gang! Just got off the phone with Ron Perry and we are excited to share his new TRAILER and he and I are talking about getting more Detroit Rock Legends together for interviews for his great Detroit Rocks! Project. Stay tuned for an official line up of new interviews coming in April. xxooK

The "Detroit Rocks!" Project update & notes from the producer Ron Perry:

Production of the Detroit Rocks film is ongoing. We knew when we embarked on this project that it would be a massive undertaking, and WOW, is it ever! In order to paint as complete a picture as possible of the Detroit rock & roll experience, we are attempting to track down interviews with every prominent Detroit rocker from the 1950’s to the present, in addition to local bands, garage bands, music students, radio people, club owners, journalists, bloggers, plain old Detroit music fans…you name it.

As you might imagine, this is a time consuming and expensive task. Many of these people are on the road, living out of state, or in some cases, outside the U.S., and there are infinite scheduling and travel issues to deal with. Just cataloging the more than 100 interviews conducted so far has taken months of work, and there are still 50 or so on our “must have” list. There is also the painstaking work of locating hi-res film clips and photos from the iconic Detroit artists of the past. Rest assured though, that we will not stop working until we have the complete story of rock & roll in the Motor City.

As I review the almost 200 hours of film we have shot so far, I am overwhelmed and humbled by the history that has been shared with us, and I feel a great responsibility not to disappoint those who have entrusted us to present this story as it deserves to be told, and to preserve it for the ages. I promise...we will do our best!

Check out this updated clip showcasing some of what we’re working on… HERE

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