Happy Birthday Susie Forkin!

Happy birthday to my BFF girlfriend Susie Forkin! Let me say how much I love her! Met Susie and the Rah Rahs at The Helldriver's/Torpedos/Circus Boy Show 12-28-09 at Alvins in Detroit.

I was filming the show and these fantastic girls were popping on and off stage. They all dropped their pom poms in my arms as they passed by me! Too funny! It was like they already knew me. :) My friends and I had more fun with those girls! Susie and I connected from the gate!

Fast forward to Livonia at the Howling Diablos show... I was there with singer Mark Sisto, Cindy Hudson, and Ivan Kral. The show was great but it needed something.... Then out of the corner of my eye I saw a silver pom pom! YES! Susie and Vivian George came to dance!!!

Johnny Bee told me to stand next to his kit to film as there was this annoying fence around the stage! So I am up there standing 1 foot away from Bee and trying hard not to dance and shake that camera! Susie danced beside me as I was shooting. Finally I just shut that camera off and DANCED.... such fun! Susie gave Kimmer her own silver Pom Pom too! I love it!

Susie and I became friends and support each other completely in every way. I love her with my heart and soul. So on Susie's Birthday I am sharing with my readers the fun Susie Q and I had over the past 2 years..... We had a blast and plan on continuing that plan forever.

Thank you Girl for the Kimmer birthday party and all the love and kindness you possess everyday. xxooK (Hugs to Albert and the Rahs too)

Happy Birthday Doll

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