Magicians Tim Wise and Doug Henning (RIP)

Got a nice phone call tonight from my dear friend Tim Wise in Las Vegas... He is always busy with many shows and even working in burlesque! Go Timmy! He and I are very old friends from back in the day. Tim used to pop into the Alibi bar and do coin tricks whenever I ran into him. Of course I would ask him to do magic whenever I saw him.

Tim and pals in Vegas

When I was managing the Super Sale show Tim worked our exhibitor party and did the flaming sword swallowing act... OMG that looked so scary. He was just so smooth...

Tim is teaching at the Magic School in Vegas and is featured every Monday (Monday Magic) on Virtual Magic and Mystery School The show starts at 10 pm Eastern Time so check out the show and meet my friend Tim Wise.

Tim and Steve Dacri (RIP)

Years later when my daughter Lesley was having her little friends over for her birthday, Timmy popped over to my house. Happy to see him always but hoping like crazy that his magic case was in his van... It was... Tim brought the bag inside and did like 90 minutes of magic and animal balloons for the overjoyed kindergartners. Lesley watched Tim make those balloon animals and now 14 years later she can still make them. THANKS TIM! XXOOK

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