Two new custom Gretsch guitars for Steve

Recently I met Steve and Karen Ann Hunter via telephone. We discussed lots of fun stuff and one of the coolest things was about these 2 new custome built guitars that Steve Hunter received from Gretsch. Steve promised to get me the first photos of his new prized gifts.

These are solid body custom built Gretsch guitars with Hummbucking pick ups and are pre-amped for extra kick.

Hi Kim

Steve wanted you to have this pic, his new Grestch Custom's arrived about two hours ago and they look fab. He has yet to give them a good try out but says they feel great. He will be taking the black one to NY for the Rock & Roll H of F gig next week providing there are no major probs when he plugs them in!

I will try to get a pic of him playing one of them for you soon (:

You are the first person to see these.

Hope all is hunky dory with you.

Karen, xx

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rrevwahfair said...

Kim ,I just checked out those Custom Made Gtetsch's That Steve Hunter got.Those are sweet.Would be a nice addition to anyone's collection.Thanks,Kevin Fry

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