Kimmer with pal singer Mark Sisto

My friend Mark Sisto of the band The Visitors and The Manifestations happened to be in town tonight on a whirl wind visit. Haven't seen Mark since he was here in February 2010.

We had alot of fun when he was here last year. Worked with Al King, Chris Taylor and SRC guitarist Gary Quackenbush.

Mark Sisto

We filmed 2 songs with Mark singing and I love these videos. They were spontaneous and I just got the Handycam so I was a newbie. Here is Hand of Law:

Mark Sisto

Mark loves the band SRC (Scot Richard Case) so we picked up Gary Quackenbush and put together a quickie session and I filmed it.

Mark's father Salvador Sisto sadly passed way recently and his sister-in-law made this fabulous video...check it out it is just beautiful.

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