Robert Palmer

I first heard this classic song covered by Robert Palmer and it remains my favorite version of "Can We Still Be Friends" written by Todd Rundgren. The lyric is so on the money when it comes to relationships that just aren't working on a romantic level yet you still care so much for the other person....

Darryl Hall of Hall and Oates

Really one of my very favorite singers of the 70's and 80's. Still have a huge crush on Darryl and his voice is to die for. What a talented guy. I discovered this video tonight of Todd Rundgren and Darryl doing "Can We Still Be Friends?". It is so great with Darryl's voice on this tune.

Definitely in a Todd Rundgren mood tonight and this is one of his classics. Todd's lyrics are so honest and open.

Todd Rundgren

It was radically different for a guy to come out with such honest lyrics at the time in the early 70's. Girls loved Todd's "Something/Anything" Album.

So many great classic tunes on there. I used to dance around with Teri Gagnon in her room when I was in high school. Teri and I were both in love with Todd, Darryl and Robert.... Of course all three were hunky guys. My favorite was Darryl Hall.

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Suzie Kerr Wright said...

Was just listening to that yesterday! Love Todd :-)

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