March 18th of this year will see the release by Citadel Records of the double-CD compilation Deniz Tek - Citadel Years. The founding member and chief songwriter of the acclaimed Radio Birdman has created a large body of unique work over the last 20 years and a varied selection of it will be featured on this release.

Tracks have been derived from multiple album and EP releases, many of which are currently out of print or hard to find. Collaborations with notable musicians are a feature. Amongst others, there is a track recorded with MC5 guitarist Wayne Kramer as well as a previously unheard Radio Birdman studio demo with Deniz on vocals.

Deniz's songs are singularly unique, bridging the gap between the style of Radio Birdman and a totally new path of experimentation. We're sure this release will be of great interest to fans, aficionados of underground Australian rock, and anyone who appreciates unique songs - guitar and vocal style.

Steve Godoy Deniz Tek Art Godoy

To promote the release Deniz will be playing East Coast (Australia) shows at the end of March and into April. Joining him will be my favorite punk rockers Art and Steve Godoy, legendary figures in the parallel worlds of tattooing, skateboarding, and punk rock.

From the mid 90's and onwards the Godoys have worked with Deniz in various band lineups touring the USA. They have most notably recorded together in US based Deniz Tek and the Golden Breed. They are joined by local Sydney session bassist Andy Newman for this limited run of not to be missed shows.

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