(Video by Boris Zemljacenko)

From Photographer Emmy Etie:

Hi hi!
The show was awesome and Rob Younger (Radiobirdman) came on stage it was suddenly magical. One of my friends will make a review for a website and I will send them some photos.

(Video by Boris Zemljacenko)

I have a website: Emmy Etie Rock Photography But I also thought I could do another FB page with my photography. If people are interested in buying my prints they can contact me by email: emmy.etie@hotmail.fr

Thanks for your interest Kim, emmy


Emmy Etie has shot some really nice photos of The Deniz Tek Group on tour right now down under. Wish we could catch one these shows! Would love to see Deniz with Steve and Art Godoy! Well we will get to see Deniz soon enough as he'll be here April 19th at The Michigan Theater in Ann Arbor. Deniz is playing with the Stooges and not as an opening act as I understand it.

Hope to meet Emmy one day, just love these shots so much. I should shoot some interview questions over to her today. Then we may be able learn a little more about her work.

The Deniz Tek Group - Whips & Furs (cover of The Vibrators) @ Espy, Front Bar, St Kilda (2nd April 2011)
from Carbie Warbie on Vimeo.

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godoy machines said...

awesome!! u guys rocks!

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