Rob Tyner – lead vocals
Wayne Kramer - lead guitar
Fred "Sonic" Smith – rhythm and lead guitar
Michael Davis – bass guitar, backing vocals
Dennis Thompson – drums
Brother J. C. Crawford

The LP peaked at No. 30 on the Billboard 200 chart, with the title track peaking at No. 82 in the Hot 100. Although the album received an unfavorable review in Rolling Stone magazine upon its release, it has gone on to be considered an important forerunner to punk rock music, and in 2003 was ranked number 294 on Rolling Stone's "500 Greatest Albums of All Time" list.

While "Ramblin' Rose" and "Motor City is Burning" open with inflammatory rhetoric, it was the opening line to the title track that stirred up controversy. Vocalist Rob Tyner shouted, "And right now... right now... right now it's time to... kick out the jams, Motherfuckers!" before the opening riffs.

Elektra Records executives were offended by the line and had preferred to edit it out of the album (replacing the offending words with "brothers and sisters"), while the band and manager John Sinclair adamantly opposed this.

PopMatters reviewer Adam Williams wrote, "For my money, Kick out the Jams is one of the greatest records ever pressed. It is a magnificent time portal into the past, a fleeting glimpse of a band that actually had the balls to walk it like they talked it" and that "no live recording has captured the primal elements of rock more than the MC5's inaugural effort."

And with that...it's time to....
In Memory of Rob Tyner, Fred Sonic Smith, and Michael Davis RIP............. xxK


hurley said...

That was a very well written piece honoring the memory of the greatest fucking live band to ever mount a stage and hump it...in the history of the world.
As MGT would say; "Excelsior Kim!"

John Saric said...

Great read about a great band! Well done!

John Saric said...

Great read about a great band, really enjoyed it. Well done!

Mike Faber said...

We'll ALWAYS need the 5!"

MC5 FANS said...

this album puts a whole new outlook on Justin Bieber, lol.Seriously, Fred was a friend of mine, great to hear his music again (fred "sonic" smith) , husband of Patti Smith

MC5 FANS2 said...

fubar50cat 2 weeks ago

I've read about them for years, only song I knew was the title track, thought I'd click on this after listening to the Stooges 'Funhouse' straight through. I'm amazed at how kickass this is. New fan.

Jhensy2012 3 weeks ago

nice to hear about converts to kick ass Detroit rock!

rsohlich1 in reply to Jhensy2012 (Show the comment) 3 weeks ago

my first concert was in 1968 saw MC% with Iggy and the Stooges

Brian Alexander Sr in reply to Jhensy2012 (Show the comment) 1 week ago

"I done kicked 'em out"

mondo56 3 weeks ago

Greatest live album ever. Changed my life.

Luis Black 1 month ago

I thought I might be the only person to feel that way.

mondo56 in reply to Luis Black (Show the comment) 3 weeks ago

holy shit, this is amazing

NotMuchOfANickName 1 month ago

jefferson airplane. are you retarded. pull your head out of your love beads

OvertimeCourier Boston 1 month ago

SuperDiamongDogs is god's gift to youtube.

iNuchalHead 1 month ago

My head just exploded and I like it.

iNuchalHead 1 month ago

I first got this this album on vinyl, it F-ing rocks!!!!

Bravley Bold sir Robin 1 month ago

Confusingly, I think I maybe the problem AND the solution...Amen.

nottwozero 2 months ago

Thanks! :)

Thomas Richmond 2 months ago

Chicago 1968 ... beware Tampa 2012

ryanshaunkelly 2 months ago

Anonymous said...

Why aren't these badass mothafuckers in the Rock n Roll Hall of Fame?!!!!!!!!!!

Klrem63 2 months ago 12

because the RnR HoF is run by asshats who prefer the extremely popular shit. That is somewhat good to some of my favorite bands (Queen, Led Zeppelin, Genesis), but just wrong when it comes to the MC5, Yes, and a shitload of prog...

SuperDiamondDogs in reply to Klrem63 (Show the comment) 1 month ago 12

yeah the hof isn't kind to anything that isn't entry level classic rock.

quocdarock in reply to SuperDiamondDogs (Show the comment) 1 week ago

I guess that's because they are not that famous?

satorian in reply to Klrem63 (Show the comment) 3 weeks ago

rocket reducer no. 62 is easily mc5's toughest song

geejus 2 months ago


with love, to: Patti Smith

ryanshaunkelly 2 months ago 2

Halloween 68. My pops is on the cover artwork! Sucha special piece of rock n roll history ! KOTJMF

Sheed3676 2 months ago 2

One of the greatest bands ever. I saw these guys in 1967/68 The sound was different back then, towering sound, rolled off the stage like a tidal wave. The bands today owe these guys big time.

This is the high society - brother John Sinclair.

Anonymous said...

0gary 3 months ago 3

Ramblin' Roooose!

Ori0n1975 3 months ago

kick out the jams, motherfucker

larsen1593 3 months ago

This album ... brrrrr ... in the 69? REVOLUTION

hifrik 3 months ago

Foram décadas de saudades de ouvir esse disco pela segunda vez,pois o lp nunca mais apareceu para vender no mercado.

Hoje graças à internet posso recorrer à essa boa fase minha da adolescencia.

Muito obrigado àquele que postou o vídeo.

alexandre97642 4 months ago 2

Motor City is Burning

billkropp 4 months ago

Brothers and Sisters I want to see a sea of hands Let me see a sea of hands I want everybody to kick up some noise I want to hear some revolution I want to hear a little revolution Brothers and Sisters The time has come for each and everyone of you to decide whether you are going to be the problem or whether you are going to be the solution It takes 5 sec of decision. 5 sec to realize your purpose here on the planet. It's time to testify and I want to know - are you ready to testify?

billkropp 4 months ago


donutbrain in reply to billkropp (Show the comment) 3 months ago

it is incredible how awsum this band is! and no one knows about them. what a shame long live the MC5!!!!!!!!!!!!

rockhardugly 4 months ago

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Author withheld

My favorite album. Raw and real the whole thing through.

leeb6789 5 months ago

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Author withheld

Probably the most underrated "Proto-Punk" band of all time!

This whole album rocks!

VideosforAudio 6 months ago

Kick out the jams motherfuckers! (right out of congress and the record companies too...)

SuperDiamondDogs 7 months ago 12

I don't listen to these guys enough. Long live the motor city sounds!

seraphima91 7 months ago

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Eduardo Loures 7 months ago

The best american rockband ever!!!Starship is taking off,soon are all gone,back home...very sad to loose this matrix,this prototype of truth and rebellion against the big brother,this band had guts and they told us how we can do it,if we want to break the chains,too...A VERY IMPORTANT BAND,i will miss them very hard!

Papa7851 7 months ago

Absolute classic album and one of the all-time great "live" and debut albums!

nostalgiahistoria67 8 months ago 4

3 of the MC --5-- are dead now. Makes me sad!

Flieder31 8 months ago 4

wow,didnt know three are dead,loved this band,still have this album! they were great!!

lonelystreet in reply to Flieder31 (Show the comment) 7 months ago

RIP Michael Davis

slackerintherye 8 months ago 16

Bassist just died today. Will be cranking this album is his memory.

Punk93Metal 8 months ago 22

Great Band and times to be Rockin in the Motor city!

Galaxie101 8 months ago

1:27 for ramblin rose

PrestonDowMusic 9 months ago 2

Estos son una verdadera aplanadora. Aplastan todo. Excelentes


TheMarcelSchwob 9 months ago

Wait, you already knew that.

shepmathe 9 months ago

So, who are you calling a hippy? Take a listen. Thanks to Detroit.

shepmathe 9 months ago

all the hippies became hypocrites in Jerry Garcia ties.

DtotheAtotheVID 10 months ago

is this live from the grande ballroom?

DtotheAtotheVID 10 months ago

recorded live at Detroit's Grande Ballroom over two nights, Devil's Night and Halloween, 1968

NaJa0283 in reply to DtotheAtotheVID (Show the comment) 10 months ago 2

TY DUDE!!!!!

ZBone12 11 months ago

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