First I discovered Breaking Bad last fall and watched all the episodes about 4 times...I loved the show but dang if those women's roles weren't written by men...."End of Story" "Are You in Danger?" grated on my nerves.  But BB was the most addicted to a television show I had ever been....then it was OVER...

I definitely needed a new addiction so my friends on Facebook kept talking about Dexter...So I began my journey with the dark passenger.. Once again the women were annoying...Deb was just plain strange to me. Swearing all the time was inappropriate for a detective and especially a LT.. She was always whining about something....Then Rita!! Her voice was so bad..that they should play a tape of her to prisoners to induce a confession! I'm sure I wasn't the only one glad that John Lithgow took her out! I always did like him....:)

The final episodes of both shows were somewhat anticlimactic... Even Adolf was upset with the writers of Dexter. LOL

We much preferred the alternate ending of BB too. Lois always has that calming effect on Hal.

In the end...I loved DEXTER as the best character, followed by Jesse Pinkman, Hank Shrader, and Saul Goodman..I guess I always need a little levity when watching psychopathic soap operas such as these..... ★★ THANKS FOR ENTERTAINING US! ★★

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