The Hierophant card affirms my alter ego is mandated to practice what I preach as both a First Among Equals and Disciple to its network or fold. Dual port-keys decode my superpowers to account and self-preserve, bound to conform by faith or rights under equal protection, or resist to re-balance high-handed architecture that's on the brink of collapse under its own culture, hypocrisy and crossed virtues.

Being in or out of the Barnyard Pageant sets a line or oath between 'us' and 'them' but today's dose of theatrical humility, passive climate or organized troubles lends credibility or continuity by promoting rank and file image. By popular demand I bow to the master or am compelled to honor a blueprint, uniform or code of common decency to get to the top or bottom of it. Take me to your leader and I'm inclined to condescend to acquiesce to a request, unless inconsistent with house rules.

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