Evangeline Cote Dahlinger and Henry Ford

I really enjoyed the story about John Cote being the son of Henry Ford. I remember the mansion in Dearborn very well. I had been there many times. Ray and Mrs.D, (Evangeline) came to my wedding when my wife and I were married 50 Yrs. ago. I remember the Lincoln and the first enclosed car given to Edsel and then given to Ray in a old storage barn. Really loved that Lincoln. Power everything. Very special for that day and age. There was a green house on their property that had a living quarters in it to house John when he was in college. I was invited to fish in their small pond several times but never did. Mrs. (as she was called by everyone) gave me some bottles of tomato juice she said was hand squeezed by her husband Ray and Henry Ford beford going into the tomato juice business.

The Dahlinger Farm

She told My dad and I about the affair between herself and Henry Ford. Said that Henry would come over very often to visit. I was asked not to mention this to anyone, but now I guess it does not matter anymore. I thought about calling John after his story on TV said his mother never told him. After Mrs. D passed away I thought he should know for sure and called the Detroit News to see if I could get in contact with him, unfortunately they told me John Cote Dahlinger had passed away earlier that year. They asked me for a comment but I wouldn't give one.I am sorry to hear the grandson had passed. So I feel it is just right to set the story straight. Sorry for their loss..


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