Eric Fan is a freelance illustrator located in Toronto, Ontario. Eric's current focus has been designing apparel. He has won various online design competitions including Threadless.com, Design By Humans, Tee Fury, and Itself t-shirts.

 Eric's designs can also be purchased as poster prints at society6

From Fussed Interview

I like old mechanical things with gears and rivets and rust. I'm not sure why exactly. Maybe it's because I'm not particularly mechanically inclined myself so anything mechanical seems kind of mysterious and wondrous and there's also something inherently visually appealing about them, and beautiful in the way that purely functional things can be beautiful. 

When something is old and rusted it has even more beauty because it's overlaid with the passage of time and usage; perhaps it's even broken completely and so it has relinquished its function and yet it still has a purpose which is simply to exist aesthetically.

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